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The Earth Series: 1,000-piece Circle Earth, Moon, and Mars Jigsaw Puzzles

The Earth Series: 1,000-piece Circle Earth, Moon, and Mars Jigsaw Puzzles

The Earth Series: 1,000-piece Circle Earth, Moon, and Mars Jigsaw Puzzles

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  • 1,000-piece round jigsaws on premium board
  • Crisp, vibrant, high-res imagery
  • Precisely cut for snug fit
  • 26.5-inch circle when completed

Crafted from the highest resolution images ever taken of the mars, moon, and earth, our limited-edition Earth Series will provide you hours of inspiring screen-free entertainment and mental relaxation. Put these premium round 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles together and, piece by piece, you’ll see these celestial bodies come together in stunning clarity.

These circular puzzles are uniquely crafted to provide an exquisite puzzling experience. Not too small and not too large, the pieces are easy to handle and fit snugly into place with that satisfying, almost inaudible snap every puzzler loves. When completed, the puzzles become stunning wall art should you decide to frame them.

As standalone puzzles each jigsaw in the Earth Series is an exquisite portrayal of the sun, the moon, or earth. And side by side, the complete series provides an exceptional glimpse into the breathtaking expanse of our universe.

Our Round 1,000-piece Earth Puzzle depicts night setting over the Atlantic from an altitude of 438 miles. The lights in the cities of Europe and Africa glimmer and the sun shines on the Americas in this awe-inspiringly detailed image from the satellite.

The satellite orbits earth once a day, and has been gathering data and taking pictures for over 20 years. Drawing on many days of data, a team of scientists and graphic artists painstakingly spliced and layered the satellite’s imagery together to create this giant single image, ensuring that every square inch — the land, the water, the clouds, the snow — is a clear and precise depiction of our beautiful planet.

The Round 1,000-piece Moon Puzzle shows the full moon as clearly and intensely as when you were a kid in your backyard on a summer night with a telescope. The dark areas we see across the surface are vast stretches of lava rock that create a stark contrast against one of the moon’s most well-known characteristics — craters.

These massive pits were created by impacts with meteors and asteroids over the last few billion years and usually range from 10 to 30 miles across. Despite their size, in this puzzle they’re shown with such clarity and detail that it makes the whole moon feel like it’s so close it’s just a ball you could pick up and throw with one hand.



Each puzzle in this series is 1,000 pieces and circle-shaped with a 26-inch diameter when completed.


You bet they are! Our puzzles are made of high-quality recycled cardboard and packaged with minimal “puzzle dust.” The image is crisp and vibrant and the shapes are cut with maximal precision to ensure each piece fits tightly together with its neighbors no matter how many times you choose to take this puzzle apart and put it back together again.


Ok, it’s kinda silly to answer this here, since you already know. But still, it might be worth mentioning that jigsaw puzzles “exercise” both the left and right sides of your brain. The best part is you can’t tell you’re getting a mental workout and bulking up your memory skills and spatial reasoning because it doesn’t feel like a workout. It feels like you're floating gently on your back in a splendid, blue sea of stress-free meditation.

Anyway. Whether you’re connecting with your family or having some alone time, puzzles are an awesome way to use your mind while still relaxing. But, like I said, you already knew that.


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