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Kids Toys Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say

Kids Toys Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say

Kids Toys Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say

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FUNNY TALKING MIMICRY PET: Talking hamster repeats what you say in its own critter voice. You will have so much fun interacting with this lovely talking hamster.

UPGRADED PLUSH TALKING TOY: We've selected better machine for the hamster toy to get clearer pronunciation. Softer and fluffier plush makes your kids get addicted to hugging it. Even pets will love it more.

EASY OPERATION: Switch it on, and talk to it. It will imitate your voice in a very cute way. Powered by 3 normal AAA batteries.

SHAKES ITS BODY WHILE ANSWERING YOU:When it is talking, it shakes its chubby body so happily and responds to your touch. It moves its head up and down automatically. It's a perfect gift idea for Christmas and New Year and more.



Repeats what you say it it;
Shakes its lovely chubby body while talking;
Utters lovely voice;
Battery Operated.(3 AAA batteries are required)

This funny talking hamster toy is fluffier and softer, and it pronounce clearer than other ones, ungraded.
Repeats whatever you say. If you giggle, it giggles; if you sing, it sings back to you!


Ideal toy gift for birthday, Valentine's Day, and the coming special days. This mimicry interactive stuffed toy brings so much fun to your parties.
Imitates both female and male voices.
Repeats what you say in his own critter voice.
Your hilariously fun companion.


Flip the switch to ON position and talk to it, It will start mocking you.
Flip the switch to OFF position when not use it.
You can also pat its head, as it will bops his head up and down.
The switch is at the bottom.


3 x AAA battery REQUIRED (not included), Don’t use rechargeable battery for this Talking Hamster.
This hamster toy cannot be washed.
Not for children under 3 yrs.
Please Rub and Tap the Talking Hamster if the head of it doesn't move when you talk to it at first time.


Question:Does the hamster repeat like a recorder?
Answer:Nooo, it repeats in a very cute and funny voice. I am sure you will never get bored with it. because I have been already speaking to him a whole day.

Question:I wonder how this hamster moves,crawl?
Answer:It shakes its body up and down when talking.

Question:How long does it record?
Answer:We sang "Happy Birthday to you.." to the end and it was repeated. As long as you keep talking and singing, it records. When you stop, it repeats back.

Question:What type of batteries the stuffed animal needs: aa or aaa?
Answer:It should be placed 3 AAA batteries.

Question:Would this be ok for a six year old, or is it more for a younger child.
Answer:I bought it for my 9 moth old but my 6, 8 and 10 year old kids are having much more fun with it.

 Package included:

1*Talking Hamster



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